Rowing & Training Clothing

We naturally want our members to row well and look like a cohesive team. To help with this we have sourced the most appropriate kit, providing choice, consistency of appearance and value for money. Rowers can wear any kit of various styles and colours for training but there are stricter requirements for racing.

‘Race Kit’ is to be all black. Depending on weather conditions, the crew will decide between themselves whether to wear ‘long sleeve’ undershirt, ‘short sleeve’ or go ‘skins’. Note that some events require all crew members to be wearing the same kit (even the same hats!), and will prevent crews racing if they are wearing different kit.

Kit Suppliers

We have three suppliers who provide slightly different products and services. 


Mainly rowing specific kit such as all in ones, splash tops etc. Ordering is only at selected times through the year. Enables you to benefit from bulk discount and shared delivery costs. Orders are delivered to Ray Davis who then distributes them at the club.

If you require any further information regarding club collations please visit the collation information page on the Godfrey website.



Mainly rowing specific kit such as all in ones and splash tops etc. Ordering at any time throughout the year for delivery direct to your home. Ray has some samples he can show you.

Order any time you want. Click the link and on the Hugga home page go to ‘Your Club’.



Local Totnes company who can provide virtually any kit you want (but not rowing specific kit such as all in ones, splash tops).

Ford Road, Totnes Industrial Estate, Totnes, Devon. Telephone: 01803 867092

Ask for Ann – she is very helpful.


Any questions regarding rowing and racing kit, please contact Ray Davis:   Tel: 07977 127157