Totnes and Bridgetown Royal Regatta Results

This page contains the results for the annual regatta from 2006 onwards. The championship regatta runs on a 1000m course which is all visible from the bank. The regatta was split into 2 days in 2012 which were the Senior day, and the Juniors and Masters day. The Sprint regatta was introduced in 2014 due to high demand for a shorter course and runs on a 500m course which is all visible from the bank.

2021: Championship & Sprint (Saturday Only)

2020: Event Cancelled

2018: Championship & Sprint

2017: Championship & Sprint

2016: ChampionshipSprint

2015: ChampionshipSprint

2014: ChampionshipSprint

2013: SaturdaySunday

2012: SeniorsMasters & Juniors

2011: Championship

2010: Championship

2009: Championship

2008: Championship

2007: No Data

2006: Championship