Webcollect for Juniors

Parents/Carers of Juniors

Here are some instructions to follow when setting up an account on WebCollect for your child/children.
1. Click here to access WebCollect
2. Sign up using your (parent) name and email address
3. Next page has 3 boxes – go to the far right hand box ‘My profile’ then select ‘Details’ and complete the information required (no DOB needed for parents); then select ‘Addresses’ and provide the information required.
4. Next select Browse subscriptions and select the number of Junior subscriptions required; then checkout
5. On the next page add your child in the Add Group member box on the right (no need to have an email address); repeat for any additional children
6. In ‘Assign members to subscriptions’ use the drop down ‘Select’ option to choose the child’s name; repeat for additional children.
7. Then select the button on the right ‘Proceed to Group details and checkout’
8. There is then a tab for you (parent) and for each child – select each in turn, complete the Member details and the membership form. For your (parent) membership form select the Parent/Carer option, or if you would like to be a Supporter select that option; then complete the minimum additional information (you are not completing THIS form for a Junior).  When you complete a Junior’s form please provide full information.
9. Then proceed to checkout and completion of further requirements…

If you encounter any difficulties with this process please contact our Junior Coordinators or Membership Secretary who will do what they can to assist you.