Personal Memories

Gloucester 05This was the Masters C/D crew from 2000 to 2008 – who had lots of wins along the way including winning the WEARA Senior B championship in 2005 and twice runners up at Henley and the World Masters.

Left to Right is (cox) Steve Grimes (Grimbo) Steve Lamkin (str) Simon Gifford-Mead, Mick Rolley, Nick Price, Alan Langmaid.

The two Steve’s were local lads who joined the club as boys; their parents worked hard for the club fund raising, Grimbo’s mother ran a market stall for years to raise funds for the Supporters’ Club who donated money to the club to fund boat purchases etc. After the lads’ own children grew up they returned to rowing in the Masters events and formed the crew with the rest of us. Grimbo sadly died at the end of 2008 and we raised the money to buy the single now named after him. So that is why the boat is called Grimbo,