Training Camps

Dart Totnes is available as a training camp base for any time period (subject to availability).

The tidal stretch of the river Dart offers excellent training and racing opportunities with the clubhouse situated on a 15km stretch of water. The steep and scenic banks give shelter on some stretches and the river is very rarely too busy.

Coaching is possible by bike for 1km from the club and by launch for the full length of the river ( the latter being available to hire subject to dates ).

The club house is included as part of a daily charge per person for the training camp which includes a great ergo room with link up, club room with heating, hot showers, kitchen area and (by arrangement ) bar facilities. Trailer and boat storage is available in a lockable compound for clubs or crews to bring their own equipment.

A list of accommodation for the area can be provided to suit all budgets and free parking at the club is available on a first come first served basis- otherwise the club is sited in a river bank car park with ample space.

Boat hire can also be possible at off-peak times or for small groups or occasional outings. Day rates or outing charges are possible by arrangement- please enquire. We can even help with coaching if required!

With the ever increasing costs of training camps abroad- Totnes offers a comprehensive, cost effective and just plain delightful alternative. If interested drop an e-mail to the following address:

See the video’s below for more information: